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This experience contains elements that involve sensitive and disturbing subject matter. It may be unsettling to some players. Individuals who find disturbing content distressing are advised to refrain from playing. Do not take this lightly.


The characters, storylines, and environments within the experience are fictional creations and should not be interpreted as representations of real-life situations or individuals.



my eyes deceive is a first-person psychological horror experience set in a basement, or shelter, if you will. Set over the course of roughly a week, you play as a young girl who has been living there all her life.

The outside world is infected with a deadly disease. Society is in chaos. Fortunately, your papa is protecting you by keeping you in his shelter. He's very insistent on you taking your disease-preventive pills every day. Why do the pills make you tired? When will you be able to leave? Can we be deceived by our own perception?



  • A twisted, dark, and engaging narrative that gradually unravels itself over the course of the experience.
  • An experience where you uncover and interpret the story as you play.
  • The power of deciding the child's fate. (multiple endings)



WASD (Ingame) Move
Mouse Look
E Interact
WASD (In menu) Select
Return / Enter Confirm Selection
Escape Exit


- Average playtime: 45 minutes (longer if both endings are desired).

- This experience was designed for displays with a 16:9 ratio and for machines running on Windows 10 or higher.

- It is recommended to carefully pay attention to your surroundings and every word spoken.

(SPOILER: Only view AFTER playing!) Due to popular demand I'll provide more infos on the story and answer questions here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x1Pa2WI6kt3p4cdNmQGewZSG2X0fmgow9vBMu8NPhFg/...

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Authorsnouhidev, Torch1805
Made withUnity, Audacity
TagsAtmospheric, backrooms, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Narrative, Psychological Horror, Singleplayer, vhs
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Jesus fucking christ

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omg amazing work! this game really made me feel something. it was sad and terrifying experience and you absolutely nailed it. keep going :)

please, can you name background musics that you used 🥺 it was sad and peaceful and i can’t find it with shazam. i would really appreciate it!!!

You really took your time making this! Awesome work! 

Wow the theme is really very sensitive, but it's good that you can relax while playing and creating theories if what is said is really the truth or not, anyway I liked how the game was developing the story and the ending so I think it was well explained, the dream part was pretty tense did a good job!!

Gameplay PT-BR

This game told a dark story, but it really had your immersed in what was going on the whole way through. I found myself scared to progress at certain points because of some of the context I had been left with. Insane stuff, need more games like this; great work. 


wonderfully done game, made me feel sick. 10/10


This is a really good horror game for sure and it is well told as well. Just based on context of the game gave me enough clues to figure out the story and potential consequences. Really good job devs. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/@Levont

definitely one of the best horror games ive ever played, amazing work on this

appreciate it!


I dont understand it but was extremly intrigued very different then the stuff I've ever played

The game wont start with updated one, anyone having the same issue?

still worked for me, are you running on Windows 64bit?



That was very deep, I really love psychological horrors just like these! Besides the story, the game design and sound design both were super good too!


man that story goes deep keep up the good work my dude I LOVE THE GAME

Very conflicting experience. On the other hand you have worked hard on the game, making it vastly different from anything I've seen before and the fascination for it is behind truly creepy atmosphere. Yet, the subject matter is somewhat sensitive and I fully understand the "free choice" of making the game, publishing it for others to be shared and played, but still it is a story, which should not really be showcased in a way like this, rather more conventional and educational way.

From the start, I could easily figure out the concept - trapped girl, the basement, too many movies and messed up reality to be part of nowadays. Although, still to the end I was hoping it would take more "ambiguous" approach, until the credits scene, which directly tells the audience what was going on. 

The game is superb. The sound design, mechanics, atmosphere, the diary and the dreams - perfectly executed. I felt eerie even playing the inside game, where the single dot was trying to escape many dots. Weirdly, I know it is not part of the game, but it felt like the main character was also chased by "ideas" like in that game, trying to dodge the fear and impulses telling the truth to them. Very sad. 

As I already mentioned, the quality of this project is fantastic. My personal attitude towards developers, who want to deal with serious themes like mental illness, wars, abuse, it still stays the same, but for this game I made an exception and there are many other great games too.

Best of luck with the future developments and hope to see another installment from you soon, maybe less dark, less serious and more towards the scary side, rather then creepy and edgy, although, as I said 3 times already I liked the game for what it was. 


Thank you for taking your time to give me your honest critique. I fully agree with the subject being sensitive. 

The game aims to discuss many themes, such as abuse, false imprisonment, dependence, isolation, perception, the subconscious, war, etc. Personally, as a developer, I wanted to create an experience rather than a game. An experience where it's not just the typical scary mansion with supernatural events. However, in retrospect, I am sure to say that tackling such a trope as a first attempt at psychological horror was not the best idea.

 There are myriads of things that could've been portrayed in a more careful manner. Lastly, there are many things I wish to learn in the future about game design, and I hope this experience won't define me as a future creator.

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Wow. That content warning is there for a reason. 
Great game overall though!


great jobs


love the game