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I may have rage quit.. 😂

Great game overall!

This was so fun!

i got shrek't

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best game ever fr ong it was life-changing i don't think ill ever recover from seeing shrek's fat ass following me it was mesmerizing!!

Somebody once told me

Gameplay em PT-BR

Nice game!!!

when shrek is fallowing you play this music




Damnit, Shrek!!! The T-pose is my biggest fear. Nice job!! I did record my reaction if you’d like to check it out! 


Indeed, thank you!

Nice game !

Thank you!


Nice job! Our big guy isn't super scary but I think that's okay :) not everything needs to be 10/10 Amnesia-level terrifying

I really enjoyed it!, keep up the great work :) 

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks!

(This was the second game I played in this video) I really enjoyed the VHS look to this game. It's pretty terrifying wandering the basements and Shrek pops up out of nowhere! I wasn't the biggest fan of how most of the time he knew where you were, even without seeing you. But that didn't stop me from completing the full game!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, Shrek being able to see through walls is an error on my part, will fix it in future versions though. 

No worries! Still had a lot of fun with this!

I had a huge amount of fun. :D
I love you games. Keep it up. 
I made a video too :)

Thank you <3!

Really Enjoyed this game thank you dev 4/5

Appreciate it!

really enjoyed the game! check it out!

Glad you enjoyed it!

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Thanks for playing!