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It was great, keep it up :) 

Thanks for playing!

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nice puzzle game


This game had a lot more to do than I initially thought!

Awesome game dude cant wait to see what you make next.

Also, I put your game as the last game in my new video enjoy :D

Thank you for playing!

Okay, this is like genuinely good though...

thank you bro 

better than T shrek cuz A pose better


wow ! the update is amazing, this game is awesome you just deserve a big trophee from dreamworks and shrek himself

thanks lol, prepare yourself for escape the shrek 2!

The crashing bug has been fixed!

Downloaded this game and for some reason every time I put the difficulty it crashes instantly, I really want to play this game. 

that bug has been fixed with the newest update.


Hey! Tried to play this for a video but it crashes on startup, right after selecting difficultly. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no dice, i'll check back for an update and see if I can play it in the future!

fixed that bug in the newest update!

i love the game tho i dont have a good enough computer to play alot of the game without it crashing but it was amazing

thanks for playing and your feedback! we aren't really sure what is causing the game to crash so often. we will investigate on this issue.

oh its not the game im running it on a windows 8 laptop

bruh moment o k then sorry for you lmao

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naw its fine when i did get it working it was fun as heck

haha thanks, glad you enjoyed it

Had fun playing this game! a few things i thought would make the game a bit more enjoyable: Animations for shrek, more sound/audio, add donkey

Thanks for playing and making a video for it. We are constantly updating the game and there is a new update which adds sounds, etc.. Feel free to check it out.